Monday, November 14, 2005

The Fireplace

Slim E. cancelled our plans to hang out Sunday to work on the wine cellar, so I was left to my own devices. Perhaps you read about my omelet/chips and salsa?

At any rate, I figured there was nothing better than lighting up a fire in the fireplace, putting some good music on the ol' iPod, and curling up with a book. The tunes - Beck's 'Sea Change' and American Analog Set's 'Set Free.' The book - 'Garbage Land.' Just because it is taking me a long time to ready doesn't mean that it isn't good. And Alma for company. Cozy, comfortable night. Almost perfect, in fact. Almost.

I've had these two opposing song lyrics in my head for the past week or two. Sort of the yin and yang of my current situation. Here they are...

'In a dream, you were sitting there waiting by the door for me, and I got the opportunity, to experience the experience once again, how it could have maybe been. But do you ever ask yourself, how it could have maybe been?'


'Your eyelashes, my neck, every nervous blink. Perfect.'

Too personal? Maybe.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Joy of the Solo Sunday Matinee

I made a solo trip out today to Cinema 21 in NW PDX to catch an old French film, Elevator to the Gallows. Maddeningly beautiful cinematography, exceptional original score by Miles Davis, and it's only $4 for the early weekend shows. Quite the deal. This is considered by some to be the beginning of French New Wave cinema. Released back in 1957, Gallows was Louis Malle's first film.

Re-released by the folks over at Rialto Pictures in a new 35mm print, this was a treat to see. Check out the Rialto site for more info.

I was a little surprised by how full the theater was. Not jam packed, by any means, but nicely full. On a budget, I passed right by the snack counter. During the film, the popcorn smell was pungent. I also hadn't eaten lunch. I am not a huge popcorn fan, but this did smell pretty good. I was quite tempted, but was able to resist.

Friday, November 11, 2005

New blog

New blog. Same old me. Here's the diff. This blog, food, music, books, life, etc. The 'other blog,' what I eat on a meal to meal basis. Got it? Good. Read on, my friends.