Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sleater-Kinney, Stephen Malkmus + Jicks, and Quasi

Crystal Ballroom - 30 December 2005 - 9 PM

Finish easting just in time to get upstairs and grab a drink before Quasi takes the stage. Although I've got most of their discs, I am not as familiar with them as I should be. Fantastic but short set. They did play '7 Years Gone,' which made it onto my 'New Discoveries of 2005' mix. Also, a few new songs from 'When the Going Gets Dark,' due for release on 21 March 2006.

During the break, I meet up with K and E, who were a bit late thanks to the airport. We grab more drinks, and head upstairs to the balcony to try to get them a better view. Me, I'm tall and can see anywhere. Them, not so tall. Between sets, Calxico's 'The Blacklight' is on the PA. Fake Fur is on this CD, another tune that makes my 'New Discoveries of 2005' mix.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are up next. Although I should have their CD, I don't, and know of SM mainly through Pavement. Good show, somehow rockin' and mellow at the same time. We meander back downstairs for Sleater-Kinney. Again, Calexico during the break.

SK begins with 'The Fox.' I lose track of the set, but the do play 'Modern Girl,' the third song I have heard tonight from my mix. I was hoping to hear 'Oh!' from 'One Beat' as well, but no dice. Also, not much from my favorite SK album 'All Hands on the Bad One.' These gals rawk.

Head home, in bed by 1:30, sleep till 11AM the next morning.